Economic Growth– Our Impact


In everything we do, the Hall Foundation is striving to generate economic growth and prosperity for all. We enthusiastically support a variety of economic initiatives state-wide.

Hall Global

Entrepreneurship Center

Offers a wide range of opportunities to motivate, inspire, and provide unique resources to help students achieve their dream of starting a business, increase their creativity, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Higher Educational Sales

Catalyst Initiative

Our goal is to educate and prepare one million individuals for a successful career in sales to improve their economic well-being and enhance their interpersonal relationships at home, work and in the community.

Notable Projects


The Hall Foundation derived and financially supports the 10XIN10—an initiative to collectively increase the number of successful start-up companies tenfold over the next ten years. This group engages major participants in Utah’s business ecosystem to mutually develop strategic growth initiatives that will foster a dynamic, healthy and supportive entrepreneurial environment.

Grow Utah

Grow Utah is a non-profit entrepreneur development organization dedicated to accelerating the creation of innovative, entrepreneur-led, high-growth businesses that will strengthen and expand future growth of Utah’s economy. The Hall Foundation provides support, financial and otherwise, to this aid the organization in its endeavors.